At Media ASYLUM, post production & visual effects professionals hone their skills and pick up a few new ones.

Always improving, never standing still.


The profile of a typical Media ASYLUM seeker

  • Early in his or her career and wanting to step up their game
  • A mid-career professional, wanting to keep up with the needs of the industry
  • A professional who desires to improve, by widening his or her repertoire of skills
  • Someone who needs to reinvent himself professionally, picking up new skills to play a new role
  • Someone whose career need rejuvenation, seeking inspiration from other creative professionals

We run short courses, typically 2 to 5 days, covering a variety of areas, including videography, color grading, editing, audio and visual effects.

Based in Singapore and Catering to professionalS throughout Asia, our certified programs are available at all levels:

Basic, Intermediate, Advanced and Masterclass