A course for every Colorist

Media ASYLUM and the International Colorist Academy are pleased to announce a complete set of colorist classes that caters to colorists (or future colorist) of every skill level. No matter what your experience level is – from beginner-level classes for those new to color grading to a masterclass that targets the most seasoned professionals – there’s always something new to learn at Media ASYLUM.

We don’t just give away certificates. All participants receive a plague like this one, upon completion of any of the colorist courses, which are certified by The International Colorist Academy.

BASIC – Introduction to Color Grading with DaVinci Resolve


You’re involved in production or post production is some way or another. You could be an independent filmmaker or make your living as an editor, camera operator, DOP or DIT. Color grading is not an essential part of what you do on a day-to-day basis but for the sake of the final product, is something you have to understand and be mindful of.

Or it may go beyond that. You may be working at developing color grading skills to make yourself more marketable or considering a path towards being a future colorist.

If you’re looking at your first steps in that direction, ‘Introduction to Color Grading in DaVinci Resolve‘ could be the answer. It’s designed for those with minimal or no color grading and color workflow experience; and/or are new to DaVinci Resolve.

Aside from being an International Colorist Academy certified course, this class is based on Blackmagic Design training courseware and prepares participants for BMD certified online exams, which attendees may take them at their own time after completing the 4-day course.

INTERMEDIATE, ADVANCED or MASTERCLASS – which course is right for me?

For those who are familiar with DaVinci Resolve and are looking to take step up their game, we offer 3 levels of classes: Intermediate, Advanced or Masterclass, all certified by the International Colorist Academy.

Discerning between these 3 levels of courses, though, may be tricky. You don’t want to end up in a class that’s teaching things you already know, neither do you want to get too far ahead of yourself.

If you’re in that position, here’s a set of videos from Warren Eagles, who does a great job in explaining what each course offers and how they differ from one another. These will help you in making a more informed choice:

INTERMEDIATE – Intermediate Resolve Techniques

ADVANCED – Advanced Resolve Techniques

MASTERCLASS – Looks & Matching Masterclass

Why attend classroom training?

In an age where knowledge is a google search away and it seems that every skill can be learnt through a youtube video, we’re often asked about the benefits of attending classroom training, especially when there are tons of DaVinci Resolve videos out there to learn from.

warren1Warren Eagles has this to say, “The biggest advantage of working in a classroom is that you are learning in a group. This means you will interact with your fellow students as well as your trainer.”

“Students from different backgrounds will mean they’ll ask different questions, ones you may not have thought to ask. Getting feedback on your work is something that just doesn’t happen from Youtube tutorials”.

Online video resources are great for solving specific problems but building a solid foundation from which to build on is key. There’s so much of the color grading process that involves intangible qualities like experience, creativity, judgement – things that you can’t possibly pick up by watching videos online. “Don’t waste hours searching for free Youtube tutorials. Invest in your future and learn how to color correct the right way.”

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