Level: Advanced

Ideal for current Resolve colorists with at least one year of experience or students who have taken the RG101 or RG180 class. We cover advanced techniques using the latest Resolve software that focuses on colorists who are grading feature films, commercials, and TV dramas.

These classes are normally capped at ten people with each student getting a workstation with control surfaces to share. It may also be offered as a BYO laptop option. Students are encouraged to bring their own material so the instructor and the students can grade and discuss the different formats and the challenges they bring.

We encourage student participation and welcome group discussions about media, cameras, and workflows. Get ahead of your competition by learning the latest Resolve techniques.

You Will Learn

Day One

  • Start with a complete look at the latest version of Resolve. What are the new advanced tools. Why and when should you use them?
  • Grading RAW files inc BRAW, RED IPP2, Drone in D-LOG. Where do we start the grade and how do we approach the session?
  • What do clients expect from you?
  • Complete refresh of Primary controls using an edited sequence. Lift Gamma Gain, Offset, Curves, RGB Mixer, LUM Mix, and LOG grading. When to use each tool.
  • The Nodes explained, including the shared Node.
  • Making a LUT, exporting LUTs, and PowerGrade Looks.
  • Grading in ACES versus DaVinci Color Managed versus Normal YRGB.
  • This class uses media that you can take away and practice with.

Day Two

  • Conforming issues and how to fix them.
  • Compare timelines.
  • Workflows with multiple timelines using the Scene Cut detector.
  • Re-grading six months later. Use Color Trace to recover your grades.
  • Adding VFX shots and managing bigger projects.
  • Doing small VFX in Resolve: What is expected?
  • Fusion for the Colorist: What do you need to know?
  • External mattes: How do they help us?
  • Using Blur to soften a key or external matte.
  • Adding an .SRT subtitle file.
  • Advanced problems: We don’t always get the best footage to work with.
  • NR: We look at the different types.
  • DCP, IMF, and Netflix deliverables: What can we do in Resolve?
  • Resolve OFX for the Colorist.
    • Color Compressor
    • Shift Tilt
    • Deband
    • Beauty
    • Soften and Sharpen
    • Color Space Transform
    • Patch Replacer
    • Shrink and Grow
    • Apperture Diffraction
    • Lens Flares


Warren Eagles, co-founder of the International Colorist Academy

All ICA instructors have at least five years experience in the industry. They are working colorists, editors, and VFX artists.

Certificates & Materials

All students receive a Media ASYLUM/ICA Certificate, selected media, and PDF tutorials.