Customised Classes


Customised Classes are available for the following courses

  • DaVinci Resolve for Editors
  • Introduction to Color Grading on DaVinci Resolve

What are Customised Classes?

  • Customised classes are available to organisations who are able to fill a minimum of 7 participants in a single class (up to a maximum of 10).
  • A more detailed breakdown of the course outline is shared with the organisation and a meeting is set with the trainer and/or Media ASYLUM staff prior to training.
  • The course may be modified to meet the specific workflow needs of the organisation, emphasising more on certain modules while less on others.
  • Dates of the class are flexible, depending on the trainers schedule and the availability of the Media ASYLUM training facilities.
  • Classes may be held at Media ASYLUM or at the customer’s site.
  • Customer footage may be incorporated into the training material. This must be done with prior knowledge and approval of the trainer. Ample time must be given to the trainer to prepare for this.
  • For customised classes, we recommend adding DaVinci Resolve ‘Collaborative Workflow’ features to the course content. (

Our Clients

Astro 1

We’re honoured to have worked the following organisations, in offering customised training to their creative staff.