Level: Basic

Blackmagic Design Training Partner

Learn how to create high-caliber visual effects and motion graphics with the Fusion software within DaVinci Resolve.

This class is based on Blackmagic Design training courseware and prepares participants for BMD certified online exams. The online exams are not included in this course, attendees may take them at their own time.

You will learn

The class will teach you how to create visual effects and motion graphics within DaVinci Resolve. You will learn how its node based interface to build effects without import or export between software application.

Day 1

  • Getting Started with Fusion
    • Exploring the Interface
    • Understanding the Merge Node
    • Masking Effects
    • Adding Effects from the Effects Library
  • Creating a Credit Roll
    • Fusion Generators
    • Adding and Formatting in the Text+ Node
    • Inserting Graphics
    • Keyframing a Credit Roll
  • Title Animation
    • Using Text from the Edit Page
    • Animating with the Follower
    • Adjusting Keyframes and Splines
    • Creating Versions and Templates

Day 2

  • Making a Split Screen Effect
    • Using Layers from the Edit Page
    • Tracking and Stabilization
    • Drawing Masks
    • Adding Motion Back
  • Sky Replacement
    • Managing Resolution
    • Using Erode Dilate
    • Using a Matte Control
    • Offset Tracking
  • Screen/Sign Replacement
    • Tracking with the Planar Tracker
    • Creating Freeze Frames
    • Cloning Out Simple Objects
    • Match Moving with the Planar Transform

Day 3

  • Green Screen Compositing
    • Managing Color for Visual Effects
    • Pulling a Green Screen Key
    • Connecting Auxiliary Mattes
    • Dealing with Spill
  • Building a 3D Scene
    • Placing Elements on 3D Shapes
    • Navigating in 3D Space
    • Creating Multiple Axes of Rotation
    • Adding Lights and Cameras
  • Creating 3D Broadcast Graphics
    • Adding 3D Text to a Scene
    • Playing Around with 3D Shapes
    • Converting a 3D Scene into a 2D Image
    • Saving Templates

Day 4

  • Playing with Particles
    • Setting up a Particle System
    • Defining the Emitter
    • Using Images as Particles Cells
    • Optimizing Performance
  • 3D Camera Tracking
    • Rotoscoping for 3D track
    • Preparing the Camera Tracker
    • Solving for the Camera
    • Setting the Ground Plane and Exporting the Scene


Yuki Ariandi, trainer with the International Colorist Academy.

  • Former adjunct lecturer at New York University’s Tisch School Of The Arts Asia and LaSalle College of The Arts Singapore
  • Conducts workshops and training on editing and color grading with the Avid Media Composer and Avid Symphony for professional users.

Certificates & Materials

All students receive a Media ASYLUM certificate, selected media and PDF tutorials.

Participants may, at their own time and discretion, gain certification from Blackmagic Design by taking an Online Exam which can be found on their website. This class is based on the course material and outline provided by Blackmagic Design to prepare for these online exams.

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