Level: Intermediate to Advanced

The ICA Certified Professional Video Calibration Workshop is a professional program designed to take those working with video to the next level. Comprised of workbook focused exercises on the first day, followed by three full days of supervised, hands-on practice, this ICA workshop provides you with the necessary tools to start offering calibration services immediately.

During the interactive session you will be working with professional calibration equipment from manufacturers such as Minolta, Photo Research, Lumagen, X-Rite, Quantum Data, JETI, Accupel, and Murideo. In addition, you will receive hands-on training on many display technologies including: LCD, LED, and OLED panels, DLP, LCOS and LCD projectors (with and without an anamorphic lens), various high end video processors, and multiple high end Blu-Ray and UHD players – all loaded with the latest HDR, HD, and SD test discs. The ICA emphasizes color management systems and how to best adjust them to achieve true reference colors including the use of 3D LUTs (look up tables).

As soon as you complete this course you will be registered to access the ICA Video Calibrators’ forum. This unique community gives you key industry information, such as the service level calibration codes needed for top quality calibration, as well as a direct Q&A forum to support you when working in the field.

In addition to being able to offer a premium calibration service, you will be able to offer Professional Video Alliance Calibration plaques including a “PVA Calibrated” certificate, and a thank you letter from the PVA. This marketing tool can be used to generate additional sales, helping to offset the cost of the workshop itself.

You are welcome to bring your own calibration tools to class. However, if you are interested in purchasing equipment, this class will help you identify the right tools to fit your needs.

You will learn


Level I – Core:  Day One – CEDIA 8.00 CEUs

  • History of Television (brief) and Why We Calibrate
  • Calibration Basics: Color Science
  • What Makes a “Good” Image, Just Noticeable Differences (JND), and Video Performance
  • Introduction to the Calibration Process
  • Brightness and Contrast – Dynamic Range (Lab #1)
  • Signal Path and Optimization Strategies
  • Contrast Ratios and Screen Uniformity (Lab #2 optional)
  • Color, Tint and Color Decoding (Lab #3)
  • Sharpness, One to One Pixel Mode,and Enhancement Controls, Geometry and Convergence (Lab #4)


Level I – Core:  Day Two – CEDIA 8.00 CEUs

  • Introduction to the Calibration Process and Integration of Signal Generators
  • Grayscale, Gamma, and measurement of Color Error
  • Hands-On Grayscale Calibration with discussion of Different Technologies (Lab #5, Calibration Check List)
  • Software and Hardware Choices
  • Overview of Front Projector Setup & Screen Technologies
  • Anamorphic technologies, Scaling Technologies
  • Resolution Overview
  • Color Science and Color Standards Including Color Gamut (CCA and CMS) Management
  • Overview of color management systems (CMS)
  • Approach to Calibrating CCA and CMS … Examples of Different Systems (Labs #6, #7)
  • 2D and 3D LUT – Overview
  • Overview of 3D Calibration,Day & Night Modes
  • Putting it all together, Differences between PVA Level I and PVA Level II


Level II Advanced Training: Day One – 4K – HDR – Advanced Class (CEDIA: 8 CEUs)

  • Overview of Calibration and current best practice
  • Hands on calibration lab
  • Overview of 2D and 3D LUTs (Look Up Tables)
  • Application of 3D Look Up Tables (LUT) and how they apply to performance home theater and post production
  • Hands on calibration lab, special consideration to projectors and 3D LUTs.
  • Environmental Issues
  • Essentials of bias lighting


Level II, Advanced Training: Day Two – 4K – HDR – Advanced Class  CEDIA: 8 CEUs

  • 4K (UHD) implications
  • HDR implications
  • Hands on training on the latest flat panels and projectors focusing on UHD, DCI and Rec 2020 Color Spaces, EOTF gamma manipulation, application of HDR best practice to projector technologies.
  • New technology and future challenges
  • The Future of display technology including discussion of Ultra HD (UHD / 4K), OLED, etc
  • Online Exam & In-Field Calibrations
  • Summary & Putting it All Together



Gregg Loewen

All ICA instructors have at least five years experience in the industry. They are working colorists, editors, and VFX artists.


  • ICA Video Training Level 1 Core: PVA Certified Professional
  • ICA Video Training Level 2: Advanced Training, Including HDR: PVA Certified Video Professional and able to offer PVA Certified Video Calibrations

Attendees must attend all 4 days of training to be able to receive all the above certificates, be added to the PVA Video Professional Website and Locator Service and be able to offer PVA Certified Video Calibration Services.